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Christian Baptism is required of all members of Bern Reformed United Church of Christ. The UCC believes that if you have been baptized, no matter in which denomination, one baptism is sufficient.

Confirmation is a period of instruction in the fundamentals of the Christian faith for youth twelve years of age or older.

Adults receive instruction based on the needs of the individual, and are received into the church through letter of transfer or by profession of faith.

2018 Consistory Officers

  • Don DickinsonPresident
    Don Dickinson
  • Rich ForryVice-President
    Rich Forry
  • Marlene HawsSecretary
    Marlene Haws
  • Deborah WhiteTreasurer
    Deborah White
  • Elaine NoeckerFinancial Secretary
    Elaine Noecker
  • Marlene HawsAsst Treasurer
    Marlene Haws

Pastoral Search Update

During the recent Consistory meeting, the pressing issue of Pastoral leadership was discussed. Spiritual Council will interview interim pastors.

Interim Pastor:
Specific Skills Desired by Church:
parish self-appraisal, strategic planning, lay leadership empowerment, evangelism/church growth.

During further discussion, the possibility of taking on the responsibility of leading our own search was suggested. (if we didn’t go through the UCC) absorbing the responsibilities of the council; background checks, etc. Other sources will be investigated. There was a lengthy conversation about differences in membership regarding open and affirming, versus not being open to the topic of gay marriage here at this church-some might be uncomfortable with that and others not so much. We may need to get some congregational direction before the next search process and a search committee unanimous vote is not something that would likely be required or supported moving forward as that made the process last time much more difficult. It is the desire by Consistory members that we be able to work through or rise above our differences to focus on our church mission.

Bern Old Graveyard Records

Bern Stewardship Appeal
Making Missions Happen!

  • Helping the hungry in our area and around the world.
  • Serving our community with events and fellowship.
  • Educating youth and adults about the Gospel.

The Bern Family

Bern Family